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Today in the Dominion Post report article says the Preston County Commission has elected to stop providing the 12 VOLUNTEER fire departments is annual payment of $2250 for this years fiscal budget. Wh...
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Valley District Pageant

Please email for more details, pageant applications, or a copy of the Queen's contract.  You can print this page or copy and paste into Word.

2022 Valley District Pageant 

May 20-22 (Practice, Pre-teen to Elegant Ms., Baby to Little Miss)

Time varies by division

Applications now available



*Open to any naturally born female WV resident for pageant/ambassador/Baby Miss/Darling Miss Pageant/Contests and naturally born male for Firefighter Contests.


*Natural beauty pageant. NO GLITZ and must be age-appropriate in dress, make-up, etc.

*Photogenic Award is an additional special award not to be placed in the overall score, also with volunteer hours/award.


*ANY ACTIONS deemed inappropriate before, during, or following the pageant (for younger contestants this includes parents/guardians) can lead to disqualification or deduction of points. NO BULLYING or HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED!!! This is not limited to personal appearance or social media.

*ALL titleholders will have a Queen's contract that is to be signed prior to leaving the facility day of your crowning.

*Miss Valley District Division Winner ONLY will represent RVFD/Valley District Fair/Festival at the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant! There is a copy of Miss Queen’s contract LISTED BELOW. The contract is to be signed prior to leaving the facility day of your crowning.

*Winners are expected to participate in at least 5 Reedsville VFD events NOT LIMITED TO MANDATORY EVENTS and 1 appearance per month throughout their title-holding year. Parades/appearances are not considered RVFD events, they are appearances.  MANDATORY EVENTS: Valley District Fair/Motorsports Festival & Buckwheat Cakes fundraiser.

*All Queen’s Platform is to promote the importance of fire safety awareness and the importance of supporting your local VFD. You may also represent your own as long as it is appropriate.

*Only the Miss Valley District Queen is eligible for representation at the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals; however, if you would like to use your title to compete in another pageant requiring a title, you are required to contact Leticia Lambert prior to doing so 304-698-4461. You will be responsible for any and all fees associated with competing for a higher title.  A Queen’s contract will also be drafted for your representation of the Reedsville VFD and Valley District Fair.  If you win a higher title by competing with your Valley District Queen title, you will be asked to crown your successor (1st runner-up). In the event the 1st runner-up is ineligible it will move further down the line or appropriate age division; unless other arrangements are made to keep MVD title and fulfill obligations with representing both titles. If no contestant is eligible or available, one can be appointed to fill the position by the MVD board.


Additional Rules for Ms., Mrs, Lady Ms, & Elegant Ms:

*Ms. Division must be ages 16-35, unmarried, with or without children.

*Mrs. Division must be ages 16-35, married, with or without children.

*Lady Ms. & Elegant Ms divisions open to any woman in those age divisions with no restrictions of marriage/children/etc. If not applications for dedicated age ranges, titleholders will be selected from Ms./Mrs. divisions or appointed by open title contest. 



Miss Valley District Queen Contract of Rules and Regulations

All other Titleholders receive a similar contract


The following is a list of the Pageant rules that you agree to abide by as Titlist of Miss Valley District Fair Queen:

1. QUEEN Contestant must be sixteen years of age by the deadline set forth on pageant application and must not have reached her 22nd birthday at the time of the West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant in which she will represent (held in January).

2. The Queen must be a naturally born female remaining single (unmarried, divorced, or annulled) and without pregnancy or birth of child prior to and throughout her reign, which continues until the crowning of her successor the following year. If for any reason Miss Valley District should marry, become pregnant during her reign, or is unable to fulfill their duties as Titleholder for any other appropriately deemed reason, she forfeits her title and the 1st Runner-Up will succeed, and so on down the line. If for any reason the runners-up are unavailable to fill the position, the title will be offered to the appropriate Ms. or Teen Miss Valley District holder dependent. If neither is eligible, the Director and Fair Board will continue throughout the divisions based on a score from the Miss Valley District pageant and eligibility for WVAFF or one will be appointed. 

3. Contestant must be a resident of West Virginia for at least two (2) months prior to the pageant.

4. The Titleholder must be a resident of West Virginia throughout her reign (this does not include attending college/university outside of the state).

5. Contestants will be expected to represent themselves with poise, natural beauty, character, and the ability to be an ambassador for Reedsville VFD and The Valley District Fair, with a platform for promoting fire safety and prevention.

6. All contestants and a parent/guardian (if a contestant is under 18 years of age) must sign and return this contract. By signing this contract, you agree to indemnify the Reedsville VFD and the Valley District Fair/Motorsports Festival for any perceived damages resulting from your entry into this pageant, your participation in this pageant, and, if selected as the Titleholder, your year carrying the title as a Miss Valley District Queen. You agree to abide by all the rules set forth in this document.

7. Complete and final authority for the Miss Valley District Pageant rests with the Director.

8. Once an MVDF/MVD Queen is selected, she must participate in all activities of the festival as deemed necessary by the Fair/Festival Board and/or Pageant Director. Part of the responsibility of an MVDF Queen is to have an active part in fair week activities along with at least 1 day of set up the weekend prior to the following year pageant and crowning of her successor. An itinerary will be provided with expectations for Fair Week. Following the Valley District Fair/Festival, events held by the Reedsville VFD will be sent to all winners of the Miss Valley District pageant with a request of attendance as possible to promote the future of the pageant and demonstrate the appropriate representation of the Reedsville VFD. All MVD Royalty are required to complete at least 5 events other than the Festival, 3 appearances not associated with the RVFD, VDMF, or Search and Recovery Days; and 1 social media post a month promoting your title or a community service event you have completed. (These can include any of the above events/appearances).

9. Attending any other parades, festivals, and pageants are options of the Queen. Should the Queen wish to participate in any of these events, she will be responsible for all arrangements involved with doing so. However, coordinating with your pageant director is encouraged to assist in fundraising or representation if needed. Also, to provide information to other Sister Queens or Little Firefighter Brothers, in the event they would also be interested in attending.  Car Signs or other supplies are not yet supplied by the MVMF or RVFD at this time; however, a letter or assistance to obtain sponsors for the cost of supplies can be provided.

10. The MISS VALLEY DISTRICT QUEEN will be required to participate in the State Competition at the West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals Convention held in January at Charleston, WV. Expenses of the pageant application registration, including one room for lodging at the Marriott Hotel, is paid for you to be shared with the Director, by the RVFD/VDMF and 1 guest convention ticket will be provided. Room rules set forth by Charleston Marriott must be abided by.  Guest lodging or other expenses will not be provided. Extra costs such as dresses/outfits/accessories, meals, etc. will not be provided by the Reedsville VFD/Valley District Festival Board. The Pageant Director will also be rooming with the contestant unless they choose otherwise; in which case, a chaperone will be arranged.

*If you plan to have other guests attend throughout the convention, they will be responsible for conventions fees and lodging.  If you would like assistance with fundraising, please contact your Director.  Convention fees will include Thursday to Saturday events.  Options available for Friday/Saturday or Saturday only tickets. Please ask your director for differences and details.

11. The Reedsville VFD/Valley District Festival Board will not be liable for expenses for dress, accessories, pageant attire, coaching, etc. I, Miss Valley District Queen, agree not to incur any debts on behalf of the Reedsville VFD or Valley District Fair/Festival. (If you would like to perform fundraisers to assist with any of these fees, please contact your pageant Director).

12. Male companions are not permitted to be in your room at any time for any reason unless deemed appropriate by your pageant Director.

13. The Reedsville VFD or Valley District Fair/Festival Board will not be responsible for damages incurred due to smoking in room/etc or by inappropriate behavior demonstrated by the Miss Valley District Queen or guests thereof.

14. Miss Valley District may enter other pageants throughout the State that will not conflict with competition in the W.V. Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant, as deemed appropriate by the Director. If Miss Valley District does so, she will have to forfeit her title and pay any costs associated with her application to the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals pageant. It is advised that the Queen should consult the pageant director before entering another pageant. I understand that I can compete in other pageants once I complete my reign as the Miss Valley District Queen and compete in the Miss WV Association of Fairs & Festivals Pageant.  If another pageant is held following the Miss WV Association of Fairs & Festival Pageant and will not conflict with my representation as Miss Valley District Queen, this pageant may be presented to Director for approval.

15. Contestants/Queen shall not have a criminal background record, be in process of prosecution, commit any criminal activity reflecting as behavior unbecoming as a representation of your title, or be convicted of any crime.

16. Any MVD titleholder should maintain a reputation of good moral character; failure to do so may result in the forfeit of her title and in such case, the 1st Runner-Up will succeed. Any complaints of questionable character shall be presented in writing (as an initial complaint) to the Valley District Fair/Festival Board. Investigation and meeting will be held, followed by voting on penalty or reprimand decision of said poor conduct. This clause also applies to all social media accounts associated with all MVD titleholders as well as her in-person communications with the public. Queens will not make statements containing inappropriate or profane language and limit social media audio/videos with excessive or non-age-appropriate music/dance/etc. In addition, I agree not to post pictures or videos of myself dressed inappropriately, drinking alcoholic beverages, or making inappropriate gestures, just to show examples of a few actions that may be deemed inappropriate. This also includes such behaviors from friends/family such as negative posts with titleholder tagged or about the pageant on any social media be it anonymous or otherwise. As an MVD titleholder, you also are not to be tagged in any of the above stated or shared to your profile by Family/Friends. You must add the Pageant Director to ALL your social media pages/sites. This should be completed upon signature of this contract. Violation of hidden content can lead to disciplinary action.

17. Once you have been Miss Valley District Queen, you may not compete for the same title again following your reign unless specified on application process due to alteration of eligible category or in the event of emergency replacement of a current Miss Valley District Queen is unable to hold her title following the voting of emergency action by the Reedsville VFD membership and Valley District Fair/Festival Board. You are eligible to compete for a different division or title.

18. If Miss Valley District Queen does not participate in the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals pageant for any reason, without due cause, and a Runner-up cannot be found to replace in a timely manner to have representation altered at the WVAFFs convention, Miss Valley District Queen, she will be held liable for the return of any costs accrued by the Reedsville VFD or Valley District Fair/Festival. This will be returned in full within 30 days of violation notification and termination of title of the following: WVAFF registration fees, convention supplies, and annual dues.  Lack of participation can be brought to the Valley District Fair/Festival Board and Reedsville VFD members for voting to determine if circumstances are deemed of an emergent nature for penalties to be revoked.

19. I, as Miss Valley District Queen, agree to hold harmless the Reedsville VFD, Valley District Fair/Festival, any of its representatives/volunteers; or any other associated sponsor in case of an accident, injury, or damage to personal belongs. I, parent, or guardian, will provide all medical coverage and/or expenses incurred by myself/child as Titlist as needed.

20.  I agree not to endorse, as the Miss Valley District Queen, any products, companies, or organizations without the written permission of the Pageant Committee. 

21. Any violation found of the above rules resulting in the termination of the Miss Valley District Queen title will result in the return of any costs accrued by the Reedsville VFD or Valley District Fair/Festival to be returned in full within 30 days of violation notification and termination of title. 


With my signature, I certify I have read this agreement and understand the content provided. I further understand that in the event I do not fulfill ANY of the above agreements unless extenuating circumstances prevail with presentation required and voted upon by the Reedsville VFD and Valley District Fair/Festival Board, the Association shall have the right to terminate this agreement and select a successor at its discretion. The Reedsville VFD and Valley District Fair/Festival Board shall define extenuating circumstances with presentation required and voted upon by the Reedsville VFD and Valley District Fair/Festival Board.  All voting results are final, with no exceptions.


Queen’s Signature___________________________                         Date: _______________


Parent Signature (if under 18) ____________________________            Date: _______________


Director Signature____________________________                      Date: ______________      

© 2022 Reedsville Volunteer Fire Department